Bali Explorer: Ubud & Kuta with 5 star Hotels

Ubud, Kuta

5 days / 6 nights

₹50,000/-per person 

Bali Explorer: Ubud & Kuta with 5 star Hotels

Ubud, Kuta

5 nights / 6 days

₹50,000/-per person 


Welcome to a captivating Balinese adventure, thoughtfully crafted by Duniya Safari. Our "Ubud, Kintamani, Bedugul, Kuta & Nusa Penida" is a 6-day itinerary designed to immerse you in the best of Bali. From the cultural depths of Ubud to the pristine beaches of Nusa Penida, this journey is a blend of exploration, excitement, and exclusive experiences. Prepare for an unforgettable escapade in the Island of Gods.

Ubud: A Cultural and Scenic Haven
Begin your adventure in Ubud, the cultural heart of Bali. Ubud is a paradise for those seeking a blend of art, nature, and tradition. Here, in the midst of lush rice terraces and artistic streets, your private pool villa in Ubud offers a tranquil retreat. Discover the town's rich artistic heritage, vibrant market scenes, and spiritual essence, making it a quintessential Balinese experience.

Kintamani: Volcanic Landscapes and Legendary Tales
Next, we take you to the stunning region of Kintamani, famous for its majestic Mount Batur and the surrounding volcanic landscapes. Kintamani provides a spectacular backdrop for adventure and exploration. Witness the awe-inspiring views, delve into the local legends, and experience the thrill of the Bali Swing, offering a unique perspective of this enchanting region.

Bedugul: Bali's Highlands and Natural Wonders
The journey continues to the serene highlands of Bedugul, a region known for its picturesque lakes and temples. Visit the iconic Ulun Danu Temple, capture memories at the Bali Handara Gate, and be mesmerized by the Twin Lakes and Banyumala Waterfall. Bedugul's cool climate and lush landscapes provide a refreshing contrast to Bali's coastal areas.

Kuta: The Vibrant Pulse of Bali
As your adventure progresses, discover the lively energy of Kuta. Known for its stunning beaches, dynamic nightlife, and diverse shopping options, Kuta represents the modern and vibrant side of Bali. Explore the famous Tanah Lot temple and soak in the lively atmosphere of Kuta's streets, offering an exciting blend of culture and entertainment.

Nusa Penida: A Pristine Island Escape
The itinerary culminates with a visit to the exquisite island of Nusa Penida. This island gem is a showcase of Bali's untouched natural beauty. Explore its dramatic cliffs, crystal-clear waters, and hidden beaches. The West Island Tour offers snorkelling among vibrant coral reefs, visits to iconic spots like Broken Beach and Angel Billabong, and relaxation at Crystal Bay. 

As your six-day exploration concludes, you'll depart from Bali enriched with experiences and memories. "Ubud, Kintamani, Bedugul, Kuta & Nusa Penida Explorer," curated by Duniya Safari, offers more than a holiday; it's a journey through Bali's diverse beauty, culture, and adventure. Get ready to embark on a trip that will captivate your spirit and leave you yearning for more of Bali's enchanting allure.

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