Turkey reopens its borders for Tourists

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  • July 9, 2020
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Missing the Sun, have you? Been cooped up for months, just working and surviving somehow? The wanderlust in you silently shedding tears as you see no chance of all your travel plans for 2020 materializing?

Well, it’s time to book your tickets and pack your bags. Turkey has officially opened its doors for tourists in July, under its “Safe Tourism Certification” program. Let’s see what Turkey is doing to make sure your travel is fun and safe at the same time.

What are the safety measures taken by the Turkish Ministry?

1. Sanitization of all public areas and tourist hubs.

The Tourism, Health and Transport ministry collectively are training staff on prevention of the spread of the virus. Rigorous checks on all public areas, local transport and at all tourist spots. The “Safe Tourism Certification” program has a long criteria list of 132 different regulations from sanitizing public areas, ensuring that personal hygiene practices are being followed by everyone at all times and training their staff about the preventive measures of the infection. Their purpose is to assure the travellers that despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Turkey’s hospitality and its charm will remain as it always was.

2. Quarantine and treatment for anyone who tests positive for COVID.

Passengers will need to go through temperature checks and PCR swab tests if they show any signs of respiratory problems or high fever. If tested positive, the traveller will be quarantined and given appropriate medical treatment determined by the ministry at any government or private institution, at the traveller’s expense. The government has produced a list of all hospitals near touristic areas that are equipped to treat COVID patients. The Turkish government says that they will keep providing accurate data on the spread of the pandemic within their borders to media and tourists, as transparency is of utmost importance to regain the trust of international tourists.

3. Medical Insurance.

Medical insurance has been made available for tourists, which can be purchased through tour operators, hotels, airlines. The insurance costs as little as 15 Euros, 19 Euros and 23 Euros, but will cover medical costs of up to 3000 Euros, 5000 Euros and 7000 Euros respectively.

4. Certifying of Hotels, Restaurants for hygiene.

For tourists, most hotels in the country have been reopened. Over the following months, all are scheduled to reopen. New guidelines for the safety of tourists and staff have been put into practice. The guests will have temperature checks at the entrance, and they will need to wear masks and adhere to the social distancing of at least 4.5 feet in all public areas of the hotel, especially at the lobby where the gathering is prohibited. The incredibly popular Turkish buffet breakfast/brunch, spas and Turkish baths, all fitness centres at luxury hotels and resorts have been suspended until further notice. Also, once the guests leave, the rooms will be sanitized and ventilated for 12 hours, before it is allotted to any new guest.

5. Turkish Airlines offers a 40% discount for Health-Care Workers.

Tickets purchased by any health-care workers, between now and 1st August 2020, will have a discount of 40%. The validity of these tickets will be until 31st May 2021. The tickets will have to be purchased from Turkish Airlines’ own app or website.

So if you’re convinced, book your next trip to Turkey today with Duniya Safari. We will be glad to plan a perfect itinerary keeping you mind your needs and your safety. We will be your friend and guide until the end of your trip.

If you are planning to visit Turkey, call us now and book your tour well in advance, as a number of hotels and resorts reopened as well as group tours arranged by local tour companies are also limited in number. Trust us, even the post COVID scenario cannot mess with Turkey’s pristine beaches and its exotic delicacies (even if they are being served from behind a glass wall for your safety).

What is the latest news for Indians planning a trip to Turkey?

Turkey has resumed the visa processing for Indians, on 22nd June 2020. The Turkish government has also requested the Indian Government and Aviation Authorities for permission to relaunch its India-Istanbul flight schedule from 10th July 2020.

If any visitor from Indian shows signs of COVID or tests for body temperature higher than 37.8 Celsius, then they will be referred to a hospital for immediate treatment with the consent of the individual. They will neither be quarantined nor be deported.

Turkish officials are ready to reopen their country to Indians and are currently in talks with the Indian government. An official statement of consent from the Indian Aviation Authorities is awaited.

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