Portugal announces lift on travel restrictions

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  • July 7, 2020
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According to Portugal’s tourism authority Turismo de Portugal, the country has seen swift development in COVID recoveries and their efforts to ward off the spread of the virus have been fruitful. The majority of the country is now ready to open for businesses and tourists, and it has already lifted its border ban with Spain.

Azenhas do Mar, Sintra near Lisbon on a beautiful sunset

Portugal has managed to stay ahead of its initial plan of fighting with COVID-19 and is now one of the few success stories of restricting the spread of the virus in Europe.

On 3rd May, they have opened small shops, salons, libraries and bookstores. Followed by that on 18th May, Portugal allowed the reopening of palaces, museums, cafes, bars, restaurants and daycare centers and schools for senior students.

Now in phase three of their reopening plan, Portugal is resuming commercial flights for residents of many of its EU neighbors and some Non-EU.

So how did Portugal achieve this feat?

According to the Direção-Geral de Saude (public health authority), the following steps were taken:

  • The COVID-19 task force was created and they implemented a nation-wide state of emergency and confinement measures earlier than most countries on 18th March. And for the most part, the citizens obeyed.
  • The number of intensive care beds was increased by 35 percent. The government also created campaign hospitals in Lisbon and Porto but has not needed them due to the limited spread of the virus.
  • Keeping close on check on COVID-positive patients on house-isolation.
  • The highest rate of COVID-testing per capita, and easy access to masks and disinfectants.

What has been the result?

  • The number of hospitalizations and active cases has been down by 70% in the previous months.
  • Land borders with Spain have been opened from 1st July.
  • July will see a 45 percent recovery in air traffic and the numbers will rise to 60 percent in August.

What to expect on arrival?

  • Upon arrival, travelers will go through a health check-up and will be referred to health authorities if necessary.
  • “Clean and Safe” stamp of approval has been granted to selected options of accommodation and activities which are compliant with cleaning and hygiene requirements for the prevention of COVID-19. This will help the visitors to travel safely through Portugal.
  • Face-mask and social distancing guidelines have been made mandatory for locals as well as tourists in public places and businesses.

Which destinations to choose in Portugal based on the post COVID scenario?

The spread of COVID was mostly in the northern part of the county. Given below are few areas which are being considered safe to travel to:

  • The Alentejo and The Algarve, the lower part of the country have seen fewer cases, and are logical choices for your travel.
  • The Azores and Madeira have recorded a negligible number of cases and deaths, so they are great options too. And considering the lower population density, it is easier to navigate through these parts.

If you’ve been dreaming of a Portugal holiday, this might be a good opportunity to start your planning. With the support of Portugal’s efficient tourism ministry and health officials, the major tourist destinations within the country are being maintained religiously for the tourists.

If you need help planning your perfect Portugal vacation, give us a call or mail us your requirements. Our dedicated team of destinations experts will get in touch with you and customize a perfect Portuguese holiday experience for you.

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