Must See Tourist Attractions In Turkey

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  • July 16, 2020
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Turkey, a dazzling destination spread across two continents, Europe and Asia is a true wonder. Owning to its rich history, culture and recent modernization due to its popularity amongst tourists, Turkey has a never-ending list of attractions. Let’s take a quick look through some of Turkey’s most prized attractions.

1. Hagia Sophia (Aya Sofya Museum)

One of the most renowned tourist attractions in the world is truly an impressive structure. It’s history is as complex as its beauty both on the outside and inside. It is an architectural marvel considering t was constructed in 6th century. This Church turned Mosque turned museum, is visited by millions each year. Precious marble from across the globe, noble metals and thirty million tiny mosaic tiles adorn the interior of this gigantic monument. Because of its dual identity as a Church and a Mosque over centuries, the interior is a spell-binding mix of Ottoman and Byzantine motifs.

2. Mount Nemrut

Located in Southeastern Turkey, mount Nemrut is 7000-ft high mountain, near the city of Adiyaman. King Antiochus I Theos of Commagene ordered this tomb-sanctuary flanked by statues of himself. Antiochus’s tomb is said to be buried under the man-made 50-mter high burial ground. Although the tomb has never been found even after extensive archaeological excavation. Collossal statues that we majestically lined up on top to celebrate the glory of God and of the king himself, lay scattered today. Imagine the human effort taken to complete this enormous task, as the statues weigh between six to ten tons each. Today this is a true icon, but does not get as many visitors as it should. If you can, visit it during sunrise, when the rising sun gives an orange hue to the headless bodies only adding to the mysterious tone of this site.

3. Fairy Chimneys

One of the top travel destinations in the world are the Fairy Chimneys of Cappadocia. This landscape is a natural wonder, and the land is historically significant. These Fairy Chimneys formed due to water and air erosion of two different volcanic layers: A thin layer of basalt which is more resistant to erosion and a thick layer of tuff underneath. For centuries, local inhabitants have chosen to carve out homes and prayer halls in these rocks for comfort as well as for protection against invaders. Today you can visit Cappadocia, Goreme and spend a few nights in one the rock-cut hotels .

4. Library of Celsus

Commissioned by Gaius Julius Aquila in 114 BC in honor of his father Celsus, the Library of Celsus is a jewel in the heart of the city of Ephesus. The two-storey façade is the most distinctive building in the area. The grave of Celsus was buried beneath the ground across the entrance. On top of it, there used to be a statue of Athena, the God of wisdom.

The library could contain up to 12,000 scrolls and was considered the third richest during its golden period. The design was so ingenious that the builders put two layers of walls behind the book cases to safeguard the scrolls from extreme heat and humidity.
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5. Pamukkale

Undoubtedly the most popular destination in Turkey and always on every tourists’ list. In this place, the artistry of nature is evident in the white calcite travertines, that attracts millions each year. The ancient city of Hierapolis as built near this site when its heavenly beauty was noticed by the romans. It is said that these thermal pools have health and beauty benefits, hence for almost two thousand years now, people have been coming here from around the world to take a dip in these waters. Water flowing down from a spring some 200-meter up on top of the structure has created this surreal terraces. Even today when most of the water has been (diverted for commercial purposes), the terraces still look stunning.

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