Exciting Europe Trips You can Plan in 2020 for an Exotic Holiday

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  • February 6, 2020
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Europe is a vast stretch of land, extending from Asia to Atlantic and from Arctic to Africa. It is not at all possible to take a tour to an entire country in a single trip to Europe. However, there is always a chance to relish the flavor of heaven! You will certainly like to have a planned and relaxing European tour. Come; let’s find some of the popular trips to Europe for people who are enthusiasts about new places.

Exciting Europe Trips You can Plan in 2020 for an Exotic Holiday

  • Romantic Gateway to France and Switzerland

If you are a romantic person, then two beautiful countries – France and Switzerland – are perfect escape for a week. As you hop from one city to another, you will be enticed by the beauty of Europe. You should go for the enchanting cruise ride in Switzerland lakes or go to the peak of Eiffel Tower in Paris and breathe the romance in its air.

  • Touring in the Lanes of Italy

From fashion to culture and cuisine, Italy has created a distinct mark to new age travelers. The capital city of Rome has ancient ruins, Florence has some Renaissance treasures and Venice boasts of its palaces. You should have a memorable ride along the Grand Canal of Venice, visit the magnificent museums and monuments of Rome and take a tour to the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

  • Romancing in France and Italy

France and Italy are popular cities of Europe where you can make an extravagant tour. You can experience the romanticism of City of Lights, Paris, take the pleasure of magnificent palaces and dream waterways of Venice, visit the charming countryside of Florence and have a look at the historical ruins in Rome. There are lots more in this trip that will offer you the best of these European cities in only a week.

  • Trip to Central Europe

You can also plan a tour to art capitals in Central Europe – Dresden, Berlin and Prague. On this tour, you can explore Baroque beauty in Dresden, Romanesque architecture in Prague and modern treasures in Berlin.

  • Voyage to 9 Western European Cities

Touring to Western Europe will take you to some of the amazing cities in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Austria and Switzerland. You can enjoy the marvelous monuments in France, the breathtaking beauty of Alps and quaint canals in Amsterdam.

So, the best feature of Europe is it gives you the opportunity to visit several cities and places in one trip. Your holiday trip to Europe can give a unique experience!

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