Dubai Reopens For Tourists Today

  • Sudip Paul
  • July 7, 2020
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Dubai authorities executed stringent measures to curb the spread of COVID by closing their airports on the 26th of March. Even with Dubai’s top three tourist sending nations – US, China and India being hard-hit by the spread of COVID, Dubai has opened itself for international tourists.

Dubai’s economy is dependent on tourism. Dubai has more than 700 hotels, numerous shopping malls and a massive chain of award-winning pubs, restaurants and cafes. In the previous year, tourism alone has contributed about 40 billion dollars to Dubai’s booming economy by welcoming 16.7 million international tourists. Since the lockdown started, Dubai has seen a massive financial turmoil, resulting into laying off of employees by most establishments.

Is Dubai safe to travel right now?

The short answer is, YES.

Dubai’s Department of Commerce marketing and Tourism recently held an online forum inviting their stakeholders and partners, where initiatives for reopening Dubai were discussed. Drastic measures taken by Dubai officials to maintain the city’s health and safety standards were discussed. It was further highlighted that safety measures taken against COVID have elevated UAE to No.3 in testing per million of the population. Dubai has also sought foreign certification of its cleanliness routines apart from fulfilling its government regulations.
Dubai has also postponed its 2020 Expo and World Fair to next year, over the pandemic.

How is Dubai encouraging international visitors to visit?

Recently under the sponsorship of Emirates, Olympique Lyonnais, a French Football Club wore “Dubai Is Open” jerseys at a match, the kind of advertisement we expect from Dubai.

Helal Saeed Almarri, Director General, Dubai Tourism said the ministry is encouraged by the success of the strict measures taken by across all sectors of tourism to uphold Dubai’s commitment towards the health and safety of the visitors. Almarri also mentioned that July will be a significant turning point in the Dubai tourism sector’s road to recovery.

Today, on 7th July 2020, as the first batch of international travelers landed in Dubai, passport handlers at the airport have started putting stickers on foreigners’ passports that read in English and Arabic, A warm welcome to your second home’.

What you should know before traveling to Dubai right now?

1. Tourists will need to download, install and actively use a Dubai COVID-19 contact tracing app on their phones.

2. Tourists will need to fill out a health declaration form before departing from their home country.

3. Tourists are required to have valid medical insurance which needs to be presented on arrival.

4. Tourists will have to get a COVID-19 test done no prior than 96 hours of their departure. On arrival which has to be provided as proof of health. In case a tourist arrives without it, they will be tested at the airport and will have to wait at the airport until the result is received.

5. On arrival, tourists will go thermal screening, and any tourist testing positive for COVID will have to go to a government isolation facility for 14 days.

7. The good news is if any tourist has a health certificate or does not test positive for COVID, they are free to enter the country with complete freedom without being quarantined.

Is Dubai a good destination to travel to right now?

Yes. Of course, you have to wear a mask and gloves while practicing social distancing of two meters. But Dubai will not make you feel like you’ve made the wrong choice.

Places like shopping malls are operating at low capacity to ensure social distancing. Some public areas such as a few beaches are still closed but are scheduled to open in the coming weeks. With hotels and restaurants catering to guests, desert adventures resuming and museums reopening, Dubai is surely back to track.

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