Cinema on Seine, with Socially Distant Boats

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  • July 14, 2020
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Yes, you read it right. Cinema on the Seine River. This never heard of before initiative has been taken in Paris. If you have been to Paris or read about it, you will know about the cruises that operate for tourists on the Seine river. Theses cruises popular for giving a spectacular view of the city have been closed since the COVID pandemic disrupted the tourism sector in March. It is a blessing for film buffs, and by extension all the people of city. Movie theatres were opened last month after a long closure period at only fifty per cent capacity.

It has been named Cinéma sur l’Eau, or in English ‘Cinema on Water’. It’s coming to Paris next weekend on 18th July to celebrate the start of Paris Plages. Every summer during the Paris Plages program, artificial and temporary beaches are created at the bank of river Seine.

Movie enthusiasts can enjoy have this experience for free. All they have to do is purchase tickets for a raffle. Names will be chosen through a lucky draw, and winners will be notified by email. In total there will be 38 electric boats, with the capacity of carrying two to six people each. On top of that there will be 150 seats for people to enjoy the movie from deckchairs, from the river bank. The seats on the dry land will be available on first-come, first-serve basis. Both on water and dry-land people will be monitored for proper social-distancing. Moreover, to keep the citizens safe, the authorities will make sure that people boarding on the same boat are friends or family.

Two movies will be played on big-screen, named “A Corona Story” and “Le Grand Bain”.

“A Corona Story”, is a short film based on the COVID-pandemic, which recently won a contest organized by Mk2 cinema chain, who are also organizing this event.

The second film “Le Grand Bain”, is a 2018 French comedy film, about a group of men starting a synchronized swimming team.

This is truly an experience all movie-goers would like to have. Hopefully other countries will catch up to this idea and during these tough times adapt it to spread some love and

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