Bali is reopening for International Tourism

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  • July 9, 2020
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Pelinggih Meru Shrine

Bali will be reopening on September 11th 2020, for international tourists, as per the official statement given by the Governor of Bali. The Governor also signed a Decree regarding the ‘New Era of Life Order Protocol’ that modulates the resuming of Bali economy.

“Once again I emphasize, this is just a plan, not a schedule that will definitely be implemented. Whether or not this is carried out will greatly depend on the situation and the dynamics of the development of Covid-19 in the field, especially local transmission in Bali”, explained the Governor.

Domestic tourism in Bali will reopen on 31st of July 2020 and will continue throughout August. During this time, if the data collected on the transmission of COVID is low and controlled, then Bali will open for international tourists. Authorities have proposed a travel bubble idea between Bali and Australia, which means Australian tourists are most likely to be allowed once the country reopens, followed by other nations.

Indonesia’s Tourism Ministry says a Cleanliness, Health and Safety (CHS) certification program will be implemented, starting with Bali to prepare itself for tourists. Also, they are planning to create “Tourism Clusters”, basically areas which will be exclusive to tourists, and hygiene-health protocols will be of top priority so make sure tourism can resume and continue with any risk.

Bali has snatched the 2nd position in the world, among the destinations that travellers want to return to once the pandemic is over. In the last couple of years, Bali has yearly played host to more than 6-million visitors. Which makes tourism a cornerstone of Bali’s economy. On 5th July 2020, thousands of Bali inhabitants attender a ceremony at the Besakih Hindu temple in Karangasem, praying for the return of tourists and expressing gratitude for the reopening of the economy.

The 3 key phases of Bali reopening for tourism

First Phase: 9th July 2020

The following local businesses started operating:

  • Heath Services
  • Government Offices
  • Transportation
  • Local Trade
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Restaurants and Stalls

Second Phase: 31st July 2020

  • Domestic Tourism
  • Tourist Attractions

Third Phase: 11th September 2020

Bali finally reopens for international tourists.

No further information has been disclosed by the officials.

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