7 Best Places to Visit in Switzerland – Plan Your Summer Holidays

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  • February 24, 2021
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For decades, Switzerland has stayed as a bucket list destination for people. It is the land with endless scenic beauty, exotic cuisine, and rich culture and . If you are planning your next holiday to Switzerland then you must know places to visit in Switzerland, we have the list of 7 most beautiful places in Switzerland.


7 Best Places to Visit in Switzerland


If you are here in Switzerland, be prepared to be mesmerized with the beauty of nature. From snowy mountains, lush-green valleys, to pristine lakes, Switzerland has if all for visitors.


1. “Lucerne” One of The Best Places to Visit in Switzerland:

"Lucerne" One of The Best Places to Visit in Switzerland


Lucerne, ideally located in Southern Switzerland, is the German-speaking town that has it all – city life, snow-capped mountains, and serene lake. It is considered as one of the prettiest Switzerland places to visit. The city is famous for its 14th century Chapel Bridge, called the Kapell Bruke Bridge, and the water tower. It is also the home to the famous Lion Monument, a dying lion carved on rocks for honoring the Swiss soldiers who were martyred in France in 1792. People also consider Lucerne as the happening base for visit Mt. Titlis. It’s only 1 hour journey to Engelberg and then you can board your Rotair to the peak of Mt. Titlis. Lucerne is also the place where you can enjoy a fun ride on the Lake Lucerne Cruise.


2. Interlaken:

Interlaken in Switzerland


Once the land of watch-making, Interlaken, has now become one of the most preferred tourist destinations in Switzerland. The city is in the heart of Switzerland, amidst Alpine lakes Brienz and Thun, offering people the chance to be equidistant from popular tourist spots. You can reach Lauterbrunen and Engelberg, each in 1-hour from the city and proceed to your favorite mountain excursions of Mt. Jungfraujoch and Mt. Titlis, respectively. So, this is the ideal place for people planning to enjoy the Alps as well as enjoy boating in Alpine lakes.


3. Zurich is Also the Best Places to Visit in Switzerland:

Zurich is Also the Best Places to Visit in Switzerland


Zurich is the largest city of Switzerland and a major financial hub in Europe. All direct flights from India to Switzerland reach via Zurich. Even if you are not here for business, Zurich doesn’t disappoint you. Here you enjoy the serenity of Lake Zurich, the trolley ride, cheese fondue, and even historic architectures. The Swiss National Museum is ideally located in Zurich inside a fairytale castle.


4. Zermatt:

Zermatt in Switzerland


The small town of Zermatt is the home to the iconic Matterhorn mountain. It is known to offer sport enthusiasts with mountaineering and skiing opportunity. It is also the cable car hub for a ride to the Matterhorn. This is a green city in Switzerland that restricts gasoline-driven vehicle movement and encourages battery-operated ones. Zermatt is also the starting point for your scenic Glacier Express Ride to St. Moritz.


5. Lauterbrunnen:

Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland


Lauterbrunnen is better known to us as the Jungfrau region. This place has many Switzerland tourist attractions in its proximity. This is one of the most visited places in the country where adventurers go for mountaineering and skiing, leisure travelers enjoy the railway networks, fine dining on top of Jungfraujoch. It is the home to the famous cogwheel train to the Jungfraujoch. The valley of Lauterbrunen harbors 72 waterfalls, including Trümmelbach Falls, the largest subterranean waterfalls in Europe.


6. Montreux:

Montreux in Switzerland


The home to famous Chateau de Chillon “Montreux” is ideally located near Lake Geneva. It is situated very near to the French-swiss borders and offers an ideal gateway to the highest peak of Switzerland, Mont Blanc. With the mountains on one side and Lake Geneva on the other, Montreux houses architectural treasures dating back to the 12th Century, the era for Lord Byron, Victor Hugo, Jean Jacques Rousseau, etc. The Chillon castle here is famous for the 14th century chapel, Camera Domini and the murals of medieval time.


7. St. Moritz:

St. Moritz in Switzerland


The best and most touristic way to reach St. Moritz is to take the Glacier express from Zermatt. St. Moritz is also the route for another scenic rail in Switzerland, the Bernina Express. It is the Ski town of Switzerland that is famous for its alpine forest, glaciers, crystal clear lakes, snow-capped peaks, and abundance of sunshine. The place is known for its opulent hotels and restaurants, exotic cuisine, and for hosting two winter Olympics. The city is situated at a height of 1800m above the sea-level. One side of the city, St. Moritz Dorf overlooks the St. Moritz Lake, and the other side, St. Mortiz Bad sits beside the lake. Adventure sport loves come here to enjoy snowboarding, skiing, Cresta Run, hiking, etc. Even in summer, you can go for glacier skiing here. This is the ideal cultural crossroad of Romansch, Italians, English, Swiss, French, and German people.


Final thoughts on the best places to see in Switzerland

Switzerland is known to be the honeymoon hub in Europe for mountain lovers. The country offers fairytale small towns with green meadows, snowy-mountains, glacial lakes, and waterfalls. Natural beauty is in abundance out here. Each of the major tourist attractions have a charm of their own.

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