Switzerland Family Tour Packages

Switzerland is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated destinations in the world. It features in every traveler’s bucket list and is the dream destination of most Indians. Switzerland is renowned as a neutral state and it is estimated that by 2022, Switzerland will experience the arrival of more than 1.2 million tourists. You could be the one among them when Duniya Safari is right here with an array of Switzerland vacation packages. Switzerland is located in the heart of Europe with neighboring France, Germany, Italy, Lichtenstein, and Austria.

Though, Switzerland is a landlocked country without any coastline or seaport, it is honored with the title of Heaven on Earth due to its magnificent weather, incredible natural beauty and spectacular mountain views. Delicious food, stunning locations, tranquil beauty of nature, favorable atmosphere to travel over the year, and the beautiful mountain range of Alps of Switzerland never fail to attract worldwide tourists for years. According to the World Happiness Report 2019, Switzerland ranked at 6th place graciously.  If you have the plan to bequest an exotic honeymoon package to your wedded wife, let Duniya Safari help you to curate the best Switzerland tour package for you.

Switzerland Tour Packages

Tourists from all across the globe throng Switzerland all year round. The rolling green meadows dotted with Swiss cows of Lauterbrunnen, the imposing snowy mountain peaks of the Titlis, Jungfraujoch and Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps, the cobbled streets of Lucerne, the majestic lakes of Interlaken or the modern architecture of Zurich, Switzerland is a treasure trove of natural beauty as well as contemporary frameworks. If you desire to spend a beautiful blossoming summer in the valleys of the Swiss Alps or experience the chill mountain air while skiing down the alpine slopes visit the Duniya Safari website and browse through a motley of Swiss holiday packages,

(per person on twin sharing)
Fly away to Zurich Rs 43000 3 Nights Meals, Accommodation, Transfer, Sightseeing VIEW DETAILS
Exotic Swiss Holiday Rs 59000 4 Nights Meals, Accommodation, Transfer, Sightseeing VIEW DETAILS
Vacation in Snowy Swiss Wonderland Rs 63000 4 Nights Meals, Accommodation, Transfer, Sightseeing VIEW DETAILS
Budget Swiss Wonderland Trip Rs 71000 6 Nights Meals, Accommodation, Transfer, Sightseeing VIEW DETAILS
Dream Come True Swiss Trip Rs 120000 10 Nights Meals, Accommodation, Transfer, Sightseeing VIEW DETAILS


Duniya Safari would be happy to help you to select the best Switzerland tour package from Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kerala, Bangalore, and other cities of India.


How to Reach Switzerland

From India, the flight is one and the only mode to reach Switzerland, the paradise of nature. Switzerland has multiple international airports located in Zurich, Geneva, and Basel to welcome tourists all around the world. The country is well-linked to other parts of the world by air. India provides direct flights to Switzerland from Delhi airport to Zurich. It takes only 7 hours to reach Switzerland. You can have a direct flight to Switzerland from Mumbai too, and the rest of the major metropolises in India offer connecting flights. Apart from Swiss international airports, you can book a flight from India to Lugano or Bern airport to reach Switzerland if flight tickets are scarce.

Tourists visit Switzerland by flying to the neighboring city airports, like Paris, Milan, Lyon, and Frankfort to avoid the rush. It is easy to reach Switzerland by train or road from these airports. Duniya Safari offers a family Switzerland tour package from Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, as well as a curated Switzerland honeymoon package from Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore, and other cities from India at the best price. Contact Duniya Safari today and get the tailored and budget-friendly Switzerland tour packages for couples, honeymoon, and family now.


Best Time to Visit Switzerland

Switzerland is a country that welcomes tourists all year round. While summer in Switzerland is great for trekking and hiking the majestic Swiss mountain trails, winter is popular for winter sports like skiing. But beyond doubt, the best time to visit Switzerland in May to September, when the snow melts in the green valleys while the mountain peaks are still covered in snowy glory. June to August is just the perfect month for summer vacation and the best for participating in summer activities like biking, hiking in the swiss Alps while resting in various cottages. Whereas, if you are planning to play in the snow with your family or partner in Switzerland, November to March is the best time to participate in skiing and snow sports on frozen lakes.

When it is all about city trips to Basel, Bern, Geneva, Zurich, Lucerne, and more; April to August are the best months for city hopping. July and August remain the busiest time for city tripping. So, whether you want to get absorbed amid alpine flowers and the beauty of the Alps or stroll along the frozen lakes during winter in Switzerland; Duniya Safari is always ready to savor your quest to visit Switzerland. Get customized and cheap Switzerland packages for honeymoon, couple, family, solo, and friends at Duniya Safari.

Best Places to Visit Switzerland

Switzerland is the haven of panoramic landscapes and breathtaking sceneries that enthrall tourists from all over the world. The country offers an amazing portrait of the natural beauty of the Swiss Alps, green meadows blooming with alpine flowers, majestic waterfalls as well as affluent historical places, tantalizing cuisine, crystal blue lakes, steeped roof houses, and incredible city tripping that mesmerize tourists from every corner of the world. While the entire of Switzerland provides sweepingly beautiful panoramas, the most popular amongst them are the mountain peaks of Titlis and Jungfraujoch, Swiss lakes like Lake Geneva, Lake Lucerne, Lake Thun, Lake Brienz, and Lake Lugano and quaint cities like Lucerne, Interlaken, Zermatt and Zurich and so on where you can indulge yourself in the lap of nature. No matter what type of vacation you are looking for in Switzerland, allow Duniya Safari to choose the best Switzerland honeymoon packages, best Switzerland family packages and best solo Swiss packages for you.



  1. Are Indians Eligible to Get Switzerland Visa on Arrival?

No, Switzerland does not offer visa on arrival to Indians. Being an Indian, you have to apply for a Switzerland visa 180 days earlier from the date to travel to Switzerland.

  1. How Many Days You Can Stay in Switzerland with a Tourist Visa?

You can stay in Switzerland for a maximum of 90 days from the first day of arrival. However, the duration grant is under the discretion of the Swiss Embassy.

  1. Is Visiting Switzerland Expensive?

Yes, it is due to the increasing currency exchange rate along with the rate of quality service. Though, if you have a set budget in your bucket to visit Switzerland, Duniya Safari can arrange the best budget-friendly Switzerland tour packages for you.  The duration can vary according to the customized Switzerland package price.

  1. Which Cities from India Do Offer Direct Flights to Switzerland?

Delhi and Mumbai International airports offer direct flights to Switzerland.

  1. When to Visit Switzerland to Get Cheapest Tour Packages?

December through February is considered the official winter period in Switzerland and it is the time when you can avail of cheap Switzerland packages from Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, and other cities in India.

  1. Which Are the Widely Spoken Languages in Switzerland?

German, French, and Italian are the languages spoken in Switzerland. Though, if you use English to communicate then you would not face any issue in Swiss cities.

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